1. Revise for your exams

2. Write the interim report for your home university

3. Pack your suitcase

4. Write a decent post on your blog

5. Clean the house before you leave the country

…and I could go on forever.
Today I accomplished my duties as a good daughter and cleaned the entire house -with the aid of the ever-so-fabulous boyfriend that is- for my mum’s arrival tomorrow evening. I must add at this point that we so freaked out the cat whilst hoovering, and felt I should get him a little treat from the shop as to help him recover from such a trauma. Also, I will prevent myself from watching the first episode of the second season of Game of Thrones because the mother wishes to watch it with me upon her arrival to an unusually warm and sunny United Kingdom. Tomorrow, I will take the dust off my reflex, as I will be taking a Russian inspired photoshoot of my - guess what - Russian friend. As I ran out of things to say, I invite you all to contemplate the beautiful silhouette of my black kitty being the neighbourhood gossiper by my window!
Very true. By the way, this morning I received the entire ‘A song of ice and fire’ saga: goodbye social life.